i am ocean being, my heartbeat, voice of whales.

i am tree being, my spine, weaver of underworld roots.

i am cloud being, my skin, morphing with air.

i am stone being, my bones, solidification of wisdom.

i am flower being, my heart, magnet of golden honey.

i am sun being, my eyes, illumination of truth.

i am moon being, my blood, red tides unseen.

i am earth being, my existence, a prayer of pleasure.

my name is mikayla lambert. i am a fellow human being sharing my perception on our lived experience.

moving, sensing, feeling, communicating, expanding, nourishing, floating.

i am a groover, explorer, and creator.  i seek to bring healing and belonging to myself, others, and Earth. to remember human being, not human doing. to melt into vulnerable presence. to be a good relative to all beings. to bring the truth forward and let it ripple out in all directions. to listen to the wisdom of the silence. the verbs listed above are my allies in this soft mission.

this is a collection of vivid experience converted into written language, movement, visuals, and sound. may these expressions satisfy and illuminate.

my professional artistic CV

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