I am seeking to deepen my perception of relationships between body, mind, and vulnerable presence.  I actively try to let the body share what needs to be shared, to give it space to transmit the immense knowledge it contains from my individual past, our ancestors, our shared mother, the Earth, and the greater energy source that all physical forms share.  In striving to listen to the voice of my own body, I hope to spark a feeling of innate bodily wisdom in others, whether it is the sensing of a harmonic future, the memory of an integrated past, or the confrontation a limited present.

my name is mikayla lambert. i am a fellow human being sharing my perception on our lived experience.

moving, understanding, feeling, communicating, expanding, nourishing, floating.

i am a movement artist, thinker, and writer.  i am seeking to heal myself, others, and the Earth.  the verbs listed above are my allies in this super soft mission.

this blog is a collection for me, for you, for whoever.  it contains attempts to put vivid experience into written language, movement, visuals, and sound.  it contains explorations of what boundaries can be crossed and what bridges can be built.  it is an experiment of who will be drawn in to share with me.

my professional artistic CV

beautiful photo by James Nix